A Lost Treasure: Ewing’s Mill

In 1838, Ewing’s Mill was erected by Christina Kellar, Jr.  It was powered by a water wheel until a turbine was installed during the 1870s.  In 1913, it was purchased by John Ewing and operated it until approximately 1954.  Between 1963-1966 it was restored to operating condition by Ray Rodkey.  In 1993 it was damaged as the result of an automobile accident and has since been torn down.

Ewing’s Mill

At one point the mill operated as a museum.  In the basement of the building was the turbine, along with a pair of mill stones which were Burr stones from France and were delivered by way of the Portage Railroad.  The grain was ground and delivered by the elevators tot he upper floors for processing.  The third floor contained the cleaning machine where impurities and foreign materials were removed from the grain.  Finally the fourth floor was the machine floor, the water powered wench raised the the grain on the outside of the mill from the second floor.