The Family behind the House

As people visit the Silas M. Clark House there are many questions about the Clark family, “Did he have children?”  Our favorites come from school children “Did Silas have any pets?”  Some questions are easier to answer than others, in regards to pets, there is no way of knowing whether Silas Clark had pets, but one things is for sure, he definitely would have had horses as a form of transportation.
Clarissa Elizabeth Moorhead

The easier questions to answer are questions about his family.  On April 26, 1859, Silas married Clarissa Elizabeth Moorhead.  Clara, as she was known, was born February 22, 1835 to William and Susan Wright Bodine Moorhead, and Clara died January 17, 1887.  Together Silas and Clarissa had eight children: Clara Clark (born May 25, 1860) and was nearly four when she died, Charles Steele Clark (born February 22, 1863), James Woodward Clark (born January 7, 1865), Annie Moorhead Clark (born August 17, 1867), Mary Bodine Clark (born December 27, 1869), Charlotte Clark (born August 19, 1874), William Clark (born November 11, 1875) but only lived until May of the following year, and Silas Moorhead Clark (born October 5, 1877) but only lived about three weeks.

Annie Moorhead Clark married Judge Jacob Jay Miller and they had one son together Clark Miller. Annie passed away on January 30, 1927.  Their son, Clark Miller, was born March 22, 1897 and he married Virginia (Mowbray) Whitney.  James Woodward Clark became a teacher of Greek and Latin at the Indiana normal School from 1886 until 1888.  He then became the Clerk for the District Court for the Wester District from 1915 until 1935.  James died on March 6, 1935.  Charlotte Clark married Walter Adams.

Clark House Entrance
If these facts are interesting to you, I encourage you to visit the Silas M. Clark House on Tuesday thru Friday from 9am-4pm and Saturday 10am-3pm.  We are located at the point of 6th St. and Wayne Ave. in Indiana, PA and there is a parking lot that can be accessed from Wayne Avenue between the Clark House and the Old Armory.  We look forward to your visit.