Indiana County-Opoly Available Now

The moment many of you have been waiting for the second shipment of the ever popular Indiana County-Opoly games have arrived.  If you pre-ordered one please stop into the Society to pick it up and if need be pay for it.  If you would like it shipped to you please contact the Society with your payment information and shipping address.  We can be contacted at 724-463-9600.

If you missed the pre-order we do have a limited quantity in supply, so hurry fast to get your’s before the game itself becomes part of history.  If you have any questions about the historical places, people or things that are included in the game, comment below or on our Facebook pages and we will be happy to provide an answer about them.  We hope you all enjoy the game.

The Society’s hours are Tuesday-Friday 9-4 and Saturday 10-3.

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Through a broad range of activities, The Historical and Genealogical Society of Indiana County seeks to promote a greater appreciation of the Indiana community's rich heritage and a better understanding of life today.

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